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Social Assurity is pleased to offer a significantly discounted rate on an exclusive Social Media eCourse License for Business Professionals of America chapters.

It’s becoming increasingly important for students and educators to understand how colleges and universities are using social media as part of their recruiting and admissions process and how students can strategically use social media to advance their college and career opportunities in a competitive world.

This chapter license includes Social Media Essentials for College and Grad School Admissions which covers the following topics:

Courseware adheres to all Perkins Act and to CTE standards.

• Establishing a unique digital identity within Google

• Creating a compelling and authentic skill-based digital portfolio

• Optimizing social network reach to enhance visibility and discovery

• Discovering the importance of keywords and personal URLs

• Developing a virtual narrative that highlights accomplishments, service and activities

• Leveraging LinkedIn's vast database for researching colleges and companies

• Using Twitter to network with influencers, like-minded peers, and decision-makers 

• Appreciating the importance of Facebook and Instagram for portfolio building and recruitment 

• Engaging with colleges and employers via social media to stand out

• Gaining a substantial advantage in searching for internships and employment via social media

These essential 21st century skills will serve students beyond college and throughout their professional life.  

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