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Select from a range of e-courses useful for college and career readiness for high school and college students, graduating job-seekers, parents, and teachers.

Social Assurity offers the tools students need to grasp and use social media for curated self-expression.

The most useful advice on social media I’ve ever heard. Common-sense insights that often go untaught, even at university career centers.
— Student

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For more and more of your students, it’s making sense to consider alternate paths to career success. Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs are leading the way, by providing students with modern employability skills that easily translate into college and career readiness.

Whether you’ve integrated a CTE curriculum into your existing offerings, or you’re considering it Social Assurity’s courseware is especially relevant in today’s world.

LinkedIn for Students, for example, is essential – because so much direct job recruitment is happening within its ecosystem, and nowhere else. Getting your students on LinkedIn also instantly solves the perennial problem of measuring alumni success, and maintaining active alumni relations.

Whatever path your CTE students take after you send them into the world — skilled careers, community college, higher education opportunities — their visible and socially-connected successes will boost your school’s reputation, and your ability to command budgets.


$1.1B federal dollars now available for CTE

CTE programs are supported by the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act, which provides approximately $1.1 billion in state grants annually to serve more than 14 million students nationwide. 

LinkedIn for Students

LinkedIn is the most important social media platform for students looking to make a strong case for their college admission, internships, and career success. This LinkedIn eCourse, the first of its kind and designed especially for students who have no work experience, will help you acquire LinkedIn proficiency for recruiting, personal branding and affinity-group/influencer networking.

Let Social Assurity help your students rise above the crowd of qualified applicants.


By harnessing the same social media tools they use every day.



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The content, the structure, and your presentation style were all excellent. I found it immensely informative.
— School Advisor
An absolutely fantastic lecture. Should be offered every year. Great & very engaging!
— High School Student
What a great presentation! The students were engaged throughout and the information presented was extremely relevant and insightful. I was impressed with the positive tone they took in outlining the benefits of social media while also warning of the potential pitfalls.
— High School Counselor
These courses are awesome, especially those that show how social media affects college and job acceptance. The content modules are amazing – they all complement each other and give clear, real-life examples. Our own local resources simply don’t cover these topics. My students agreed – one senior even commented that he wished he’d seen the courses last year as a junior.
— Secondary Level Advisor
I’ve been going through the courses and I’m impressed with the detail and practicality of the content! There is so much there that would be of use to students and their parents. I’m glad you’ve invested your time in this area; our students are wallowing in ignorance of the dangers of social media, and your work is crucial. I’m glad we connected!
— Teacher
The courses are very well thought out. The clear page layouts and very descriptive instructions ensure that new users of the system can’t get lost. I’ve seen e-courses from very bad sources in the past, but I’d happily trust my students with this product. Social Assurity’s courseware would benefit users of all ages.
— High School Advisor
We pride ourselves on helping students develop as digital citizens and act in a professional manner. As many of our students begin looking into colleges and careers, it is important for them to understand social media and its effects (positive and negative) sooner than later. Social Assurity’s programs are important because they teach our students key aspects of social media use that are vital for their futures.
— Middle School Advisor
Pure gold. That’s all I can say.
— College Advisor