LinkedIn and Twitter Essentials for College Students

LinkedIn and Twitter Essentials for College Students


A Special 3 Course Bundled Package for College Career Centers

Social Media Essentials for Undergraduates

It only makes sense: 92% of employers use social media as part of the recruiting and hiring process. And they’re not looking for “bad behavior” so much as a well-rounded picture of your authentic character and interests. Learn all the ins and outs of crafting your social media presence to gain a solid advantage in your search for internships and employment.

LinkedIn Essentials for Students

Instagram may be your second home, but LinkedIn is the most important social media platform for students looking to make a strong case for college admission and career success. This eCourse is the first of its kind, designed for students to fully grasp the powers of LinkedIn for recruiting, personal branding and affinity-group networking.

Twitter Essentials for Students

Always lively and of-the-moment, Twitter is arguably the greatest networking tool ever invented. This eCourse helps both high school and college students to harness Twitter’s full potential. Use Twitter to establish your online personality, display your expertise and interests, and engage with like-minded thinkers - including those in powerful decision-making positions. 

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