College Funding Academy is an alliance of the most talented college planners in the country. This group is leading the industry in understanding the undeniable and inevitable impact of social media in the college search and application process. As more and more colleges are looking at social media, the expert advisors of College Funding Academy make sure that your "application before the application" is ready for the colleges to see. It all starts with teaching  students the skills they need and the awareness to properly navigate the changing world of social media. Starting in 2016, College Funding Academy's college planning clients get full access to the catalog of Social Assurity e-courses included with their service. 

Game Theory College Planners is a team of college planning professionals utilizing a research-based approach that has been helping students for over 20 years. Game Theory has assembled a diverse team of professionals with distinct areas of specialization because college planning is too big for one person to tackle alone. Game Theory primarily helps families in Atlanta and their team has been hand-picked from the best planners in the country. was built to connect college applicants with admissions insiders: students, alumni, and experts at target schools. Their goal is to level the admissions playing field by giving students the insight and guidance to help them achieve their college admissions goal. With, students get access to admissions experts, alumni and current students from 100 universities.