The 5 Elements of Digital Leadership®

Are you preparing your students to not just live in, but thrive in the 21st Century?

What is Digital Leadership®?

Digital Leadership is a framework for every educator, parent, and student to navigate the new frontier of college admissions and career advancement.

Digital Leadership Defined

Students are asked to shape their experiences through their extracurricular activities, and then asked to share them with college and employers.

However, it is the growth students experience - and the extent they grow the impact from their activities and experiences from a local to a regional, state, or even national scale - that most powerfully conveys a story to employers and colleges.

Digital Leadership consists of the specific actions, mindsets, and learning that students, parents, and counselors need in order to actively  position a student's candidacy.

This content is appropriate for students starting from high school to re-envision and re-frame why they do what they do, what they are doing, and what that means for their story moving forward. 

Our free Digital Leadership guides for students, parents, and counselors review these necessary mindsets, and are available at no cost. Learn how to become a member for free, and access and utilize the student, parent, and counselor frameworks in your practice!