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Alan katzman

I love what I do at Social Assurity!

My two greatest pleasures are seeing all of the amazing social media profiles students create after taking our courses and then hearing stories of how our students are proactively using social media to engage and interact with college officials and potential employers.  

Part art and part science, mastering social media is a learned skill and we are proud to have developed the social media techniques and skills students need to succeed for college admissions, scholarships, employment and life.


jamie finch

I’m a wife, Mom, and animal lover focused on teaching students, parents, and professionals how to use social media to further their college and career aspirations. In my spare time, I am trying to bring sanity back to the college admissions process.

Ready to see what social media can help you achieve? Send me an email, I’d love to chat!


Naomi Ben-Shahar

I used to teach photography and I enjoy working with students. As a mother, the idea of guiding young people to think about how to properly represent their talents, character, and goals, and encouraging them to interact with adults who may influence their academic and work life is very rewarding. 

My approach to education and social media is to always be positive. By inspiring students to create a great online presence, we also help them avoid making mistakes, and encourage them to find their own voice.