Social Media Strategies for College-Bound Students


Young adults have consistently been the heaviest users of social media by a substantial margin, and today that’s even more true: a staggering 90% of them use social media. One thing is clear, social media in all of its forms has definitely become an integral part of life for high school and college students, and even younger generations for that matter.



The likelihood that colleges will check student social media in addition to GPA and application essays is growing. Fully 40% of admissions officers say they visit applicants' social media pages to learn about them, four times the percentage that did so in 2008.

Many more colleges will check social media when invited by the student and when granting athletic and academic scholarships.



Recruiting via social media is growing with 93% of organizations currently using or planning to use it as a recruiting tool. Moreover, 70% of employers currently use social media to screen candidates, up from only 11% in 2006.


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