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“I get asked about social media all the time. 

Is there a missing link in my offering?”                                                          




Is Your Social Media Advice Relevant? 

These days, it'd better be. Especially when at least 75% of colleges, and more every year, are exploring applicants' online lives while weighing their decisions. 

Social media planning is now utterly relevant for college-bound students. And you need to fill this vital gap in your guidance services. 

That's why we're here. Social Assurity's proven courseware offers smart, easy-to-implement strategies for integrating a curated online presence into students' college applications—without interfering with their existing social media aimed at schoolmates and friends. 

What's more—to boost your own reputation—you can deliver the courseware with your name and brand on it. All without taking a penny from your pocket. 

Our revenue-sharing model is a win-win for everyone. You get personally branded tools to help your clients craft their online presence. Students get trained in techniques that give them an edge in admissions. And we get to distribute our courseware through a network of professionals who care deeply about their students' success. 


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Our free Social Assurity Network Program helps IECs become experts in social media, and gives you ongoing access to the latest resources and support from our team of experts. 

We also offer free professional development and business opportunities so you can make sure parents know their students are getting 21st-century college advice from a certified online presence expert. 



I have extensively reviewed the courseware you have set up and am quite impressed. The level of engagement you guys provide is excellent, you were right, this is how today’s generation wants to learn. It’s great to see it executed so well.
— College Consultant
I attended a session on how to best utilize rather than fear social media while attending a conference last month. I left the session pleased to know that there is a company out there that helps students do what I felt needed to be done!
— Educational Consultant

I just finished your course. It was very informative! I think you have done a great job making it interesting for high school students.
— College Planner
My students are more than a test score. Social Assurity teaches them how to use social media to show colleges who they really are.
— College Advisor