That’s exactly what more than 90 of America’s premier colleges are looking for, in their groundbreaking application process.

The heart of the new application is a student’s digital portfolio – comprised of the same types of media you’ve been using for years on social platforms.

Recognizing that college admissions is in desperate need of reinvention, a diverse coalition of schools – including all eight Ivies, Duke, Stanford, Notre Dame, and more — developed a free platform of online tools to modernize the application experience.

Since our inception, we’ve preached that “character counts,” and touted social media's power in conveying it. Now Harvard’s Turning the Tide report sagely reflects on the dire need for judging character, not resumé bullet points, in college admissions. 

Harvard’s report, says Frank Bruni, is “a call for a revolution. It could make a real difference not just because it has widespread backing but also because it nails the way in which society in general — and children in particular — are badly served by the status quo.”