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Social Media for College and Career Courseware

Admissions officers and employers, as everybody else, look at students' social media to reflect their maturity and character, interests, and accomplishments. Their social media presence will influence their college and career access irreversibly.

It’s becoming increasingly important therefore for students and educators to understand how online reputation management for students works. How are colleges using social media as part of their recruiting and admissions process? How can students can use social media strategically as a college prep tool and for career readiness?

 Topics covered:

- Social media etiquette for students

- How to use social media as a college prep tool

- How social media recruiting works for college and in the job market

- How students can craft an outstanding online reputation to stand out from the competition

- How to make a strong impression on LinkedIn for college admissions and career success – without prior work experience

- How to use LinkedIn proficiency for recruiting, personal branding and affinity-group/influencer networking

- How to use Twitter to establish a great online reputation, display interests and achievements, and engage in social media networking with like-minded thinkers and those in powerful decision-making positions 

- How social media presence can help students gain a solid advantage in their search for internships and employment

These essential 21st century skills will serve students well beyond the college years!