Our Digital Leadership™ Certification will serve students beyond college and throughout their professional life.  

I have been going through the courseware and, thus far, I really like what I see. It is set-up in a manner that is a great presentation to students (especially our members) and the information is so relatable to the life of every current-day student.
— Student Advisor
These social media courses are awesome, especially those that show how social media affects college and job acceptance. The content modules are amazing – they all complement each other and give clear, real-life examples. Our own local resources simply don’t cover these topics. My students agreed – one senior even commented that he wished he’d seen the courses last year as a junior.
— High School Advisor
We pride ourselves on helping students develop as digital citizens and act in a professional manner. As many of our students begin looking into colleges and careers, it is important for them to understand social media and its effects (positive and negative) sooner than later. Social Assurity’s social media programs are important because they coach our students key aspects of social media use that are vital for their futures.
— Student Advisor

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