“Digital citizenship courses tell my students what not to do. 

But I want them to create digital portfolios for college admissions.”                                                                                      




Complete your students’ 21st-century toolkit for college admission.

While outdated “digital citizenship” curricula portrays social media as little more than a minefield for teenage reputations, Social Assurity courseware takes the world-changing advantages of social media for granted. Then teaches your students to use some familiar tools for an unfamiliar purpose—the smart pursuit of a great college education.

In no time, students learn to use Facebook or Instagram to curate a digital self-portrait that accurately reflects their interests and achievements—both in and out of school. Add a LinkedIn profile for community building, a YouTube channel for video presentations, and a Twitter feed for outreach, and students have a multi-faceted presence, based on today’s best practices, designed to focus colleges on their passions, potential and character. All while growing a network of like-minded young people and potential mentors in their fields of interest.


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Learn from an Online Demo

Our representative will share a step-by-step presentation of our courses while detailing the content, ease of implementation, and pricing—leaving ample time for your questions. 

Professional Development

Social media essentials for educators: Teachers will be guided to help students with their digital presence, and how to properly present themselves and their school online. The cost can be covered by federal funds earmarked for these efforts. 



Book a Live Workshop

A live workshop for students, parents and teachers with one of our experts. We'll cover the most important aspects of crafting an authentic and appealing online presence for college-bound students to help in their application process. 



The courses are very well thought out. The clear page layouts and very descriptive instructions ensure that new users of the system can’t get lost. I’ve seen e-courses from very bad sources in the past, but I’d happily trust my students with this social media resource. Social Assurity’s courseware would benefit users of all ages.
— High School Advisor
I’ve been going through the courses and I’m impressed with the detail and practicality of the content! There is so much there that would be of use to students and their parents. I’m glad you’ve invested your time in this area; our students are wallowing in ignorance of the dangers of social media, and your social media coaching is crucial. I’m glad we connected!
— High School Teacher

These social media courses are awesome, especially those that show how social media affects college and job acceptance. The content modules are amazing—they all complement each other and give clear, real-life examples. Our own local resources simply don’t cover these topics. My students agreed—one senior even commented that he wished he’d seen the courses last year as a junior.
— College Guidance
We pride ourselves on helping students develop as digital citizens and act in a professional manner. As many of our students begin looking into colleges and careers, it is important for them to understand social media and its effects (positive and negative) sooner than later. Social Assurity’s social media programs are important because they coach our students on key aspects of social media use that are vital for their futures.
— Faculty Advisor