Social Media Essentials for College and Beyond

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A huge majority of college admissions officers now rely on social media searches to help define and judge candidates, in ways that go far beyond the traditional application. What if your online life became a digital portrait of your best self? Something you’d be eager to share with the world, while still conveying your own voice and personality?

In this course, we’ll help students create and disseminate an accurate picture of their lives through social media — and develop “digital citizenship” skills and habits to provide a clear advantage in college admissions and career pursuits.

Course highlights:

  • Get an overview of the growing importance of social media for college admissions and career opportunities.
  • Establish your unique digital identity, so that Google searches reveal a clear portrait of your true character.
  • Build your digital portfolio using tools like LinkedIn for professional interests, and Instagram for creative self-expression.
  • Control your “virtual narrative” via Facebook posts reflecting character, credibility and authenticity.
  • Use Twitter to build a professional network of helpful, like-minded people.
  • Understand the importance of social recruiting by colleges, headhunters and more.

Who is this course for: High school students looking to refine their social media skills for academic and career opportunities in the 21st century.