HR Alliance: More with Less? Teams Dealing with Resource Constraints

  • The Gannett/Tegna Building 7950 Jones Branch Drive McLean, VA, 22102 United States

In this highly interactive session, you will experience ways to enhance team performance. We have a solid, evidence-based understanding of what drives team performance, and we know how team size and membership change affects that performance. Generally, the evidence focuses on what teams can do or have more of to do better – more ideas, more time, more resources. However, there is a growing sense that having less might also be helpful under some circumstances. Having less time, fewer resources, and losing members might actually prompt teams to be more innovative, coordinate more effectively, and develop better work practices. This session will quickly summarize what we know about the five key drivers of team performance and then explore the emerging science of how teams respond to constraints. What happens when a team’s budget is cut? When it loses members (and they aren’t replaced)? When deadlines are moved up? Almost everyone has experienced one or more of these “shocks.” Can they ever increase team’s effectiveness? Under what circumstances can teams do more with less?