frequently asked questions

1. What is your enrollment process?

Each time you enroll a student the only thing you will need to do is send an email to with the student’s name and email address. We will provision the student and send them a link to begin accessing the courseware.

2. What is your pricing structure?

There is no cost for Network Members to provide Social Assurity courses for students. Social Assurity courseware retails directly to parents for $600. Counselors who are Network Members are offered the discounted rate of $250 per student for the courseware. Courseware pricing is for the current year.

3. How do you handle billing?

We will invoice you monthly based on the number of students you have enrolled. We accept all commonly used forms of payment.

4. Can you please give me more details about your courseware?

Social Assurity's acclaimed eLearning courseware teaches students how to use the same social media platforms they use every day in new and productive ways. The courseware is designed to be engaging and information-rich. Courseware gives students the step-by-step instruction needed to build a compelling digital presence and develop effective social networking techniques.

The online courseware teaches essential social media skills with a focus on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. Students differentiate themselves from other applicants by using social media to showcase their achievements and character attributes and demonstrate interest.

5. How are the courses structured?

Courses are split into 9 modules. Each module focuses on a topic or an aspect of how students can optimize their social media presence for the college admission process.

6. What devices can be used to access the courses?

Courses can be accessed anywhere and across multiple devices.

7. How long do the courses take to complete?

Courses generally take 4 hours to complete.

8. How many days does it take to complete?

We encourage students to take time curating their online presence and do not recommend completing the courseware in one sitting.

9. Can you access the courseware anywhere?

Yes. You can access the courses anywhere. The courses are device-independent.

10. Can you go back to a course and access information?

Courses can be picked up and left off at any point.

11. Do the courses require prior experience?

No, courses do not require any prior experience. 

12. Are the courses self-monitored?

Courses require no teacher, parent, or advisor present. For advisors who are interested in following up more closely with their students, we are currently developing a study guide.

13. Does the courseware provide step-by-step instruction?

Yes! Courses take students step-by-step through the process of creating their online image.

14. Should the students work on their profile while they are taking the class?

Ideally, yes. Course outcomes are improved when students complete the courseware while curating their profiles.

15. For what grades are the courses approriate?

Courseware is applicable for grades 9-12 and beyond.

16. How will I know students' progress?

Counselors can track student's progress through backend administrative access on the Versal learning management system.

17. What LMS do you use?

We use the very user-friendly Versal learning management system.

18. How do I provision students? 

You send us an email with the student's name and email address, and we automatically provision him/her. We will email the student instructions on how to log into the courses (see instructions here.)

19. Do you provide customer support?

Yes! We provide a great support system for advisors, which includes:

-Help with the initial setup

-Suggested steps to take in order to differentiate your business with our courseware

-Sample parents letters, introducing families to the courseware

-Expert talking points that will help you become the expert on social media in the college application process, including answers to many challenging questions

-We are always available to talk on the phone and/or by email, to answer your questions, and to help students who need support