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College admissions officers are looking at much more than GPAs, essays and test scores. They are also interested in seeing the character traits of applicants such as leadership, resilience, commitment, family and community service and other dedicated volunteer activities.

Employers are also discovering the usefulness of vetting and assessing candidates on social media.

Very often, social media is where colleges and employers look to learn more about applicants.

When used properly, social media is a great platform for BPA members to showcase their BPA activities, academic achievements, and interests by building a discoverable and reflective digital presence.

Social Assurity, the leader in social media education for students, is offering a FREE social media eCourse to BPA advisors and staff who’d like to understand the current state of teen social media use and how it is being used by colleges and organizations to review candidates for admissions, scholarship grants, and employment.

Course syllabus includes:

  • Teen social media platforms
  • Permanence, discoverability and reach
  • Social media tenets
  • College admissions: When grades and test scores are not enough
  • Character counts
  • Colleges monitor social media

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