Social media education for high schools

Now, with one affordable decision, your entire high school community – students, parents, teachers and administrators – can get a solid grip on the smart use of social media in today's thoroughly intertwined world. It's an essential social media college prep tool. 


Introducing the Advanced Social Media Education courseware from Social Assurity.

One all-inclusive package of courseware that will change your high school's view of social media: from an unwelcome nuisance to a profoundly useful tool.

The Advanced Social Media Education courseware is designed to bring your entire community up to speed, by touching on the essentials of proper use, etiquette and behavior for everyone in your community.

We offer:

 • Volume licensing of our highly-acclaimed eCourses.

 Assemblies by Alan Katzman, including two student assemblies and one session for parents. They’ll learn how to use social media not just as a way to interact with friends, but as a way to create and disseminate an accurate and compelling picture of their lives – for a clear advantage in college admissions & career. 

A professional development seminar for teachers to help teachers understand how social media education will prepare their students for the digital world, and will benefit the core mission of educating citizens of the modern world.

Social media is here to stay - and your students, teachers, and parents need to use it wisely.