Put your best face forward.

Social media enhances college applications.

Students should never be told to avoid social media for college admissions.

For years, counselors have been encouraging their college bound students to clean up, hide, or even delete their social media accounts altogether. This dated advice ignores the obvious. When done right, social media can help students get into the college of their choice. 

Students need to be taught the permanence, discoverability, and vast reach of social media, while also learning how to use social media proactively and productively.  

In the competitive world of college admissions and scholarship opportunities, students need a way to stand out from the crowded pool of qualified applicants. Social media provides the perfect platform for students to tell their story, showcase their accomplishments, and convey their character. 

Our social media courseware and concierge services show students how to build compelling digital portfolios guaranteed to impress college admissions officers and scholarship committees.  

You are more than a test score. Show colleges who you really are.
— College Advisor

For Independent College Counselors.

Social Assurity partners with college advisors to expand the scope of their practice by helping students create an advantageous digital footprint for the college admissions process.  

Expand the scope of your practice by educating students how to use social media advantageously.

Our social media for college admissions courseware teaches college bound students the productive use of social media via an engaging and interactive lesson plan. 

Students and parents will appreciate the way the courseware helps build compelling digital portfolios that showcase a student's character, interests, service, skills, and accomplishments.

Social Assurity's private-labeled courseware seamlessly integrates into your existing service offerings and is available on either a revenue share or pass-thru discounted basis.

Contact us now to make sure your practice addresses one of the most pressing topics in college admissions.

Pure gold. That’s all I can say.
— College Advisor
I am enjoying going through the lessons myself which is a key component to selling it to my students.
— College Advisor