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New Item on the College Admission Checklist: LinkedIn Profile

"Now some social media experts are advising high school seniors to go even further. They are coaching students to take control of their online personas — by creating elaborate profiles on LinkedIn, the professional network, and bringing them to the attention of college admissions officers.

“They are going to click on your profile,” says Alan Katzman, the chief executive of Social Assurity, a company that offers courses for high school students on how to shape their online images."


Harvard Looks At Your LinkedIn Profile: Using Social Media To Get Into College

"Alan Katzman founded Social Assurity to show students how they can utilize social media to positively affect their college and career prospects. Inspired by his daughter’s success in receiving an internship offer from by Sony as a result of her blogging about classic rock, Katzman decided to share the message: “They sent her an email offering her this great internship opportunity that she never applied for but gladly accepted. The many benefits of building a discoverable and reflective social media presence for college and career opportunities are just beginning to come into focus.”"


Advice to Melania Trump: Here's how to tackle cyberbullying

"Beyond a focus on social-emotional learning, what's needed is comprehensive social media education in schools across the country, said Alan Katzman, founder and chief executive officer of Social Assurity, a social media educational company that helps students leverage social media platforms they use every day for their future.

"We're not teaching about the realities of social media education," said Katzman, who regularly meets with students. "Students don't know that everything they put out there is discoverable. ... They're shocked when I tell them anyone in the world who wants to find anything you've posted can."


Why High School Students Should Be on LinkedIn

“No one has quantified the power of [having LinkedIn as a high school student],” Alan Katzman, the chief executive of Social Assurity, told The New York Times. “But I maintain that it is very powerful.”