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These days, no one is arguing the importance of establishing an online persona as a prudent step towards college admission and success. But actually setting up online profiles, especially on less youth-centered platforms like LinkedIn – can be a stumbling block.

The easiest answer? Let Social Assurity do the heavy lifting. With Social Assurity Accomplished™, all you need to do is answer a few simple questions via an online form. Spend 10 minutes, press the Submit button – and we’ll do the rest. Within 3 business days, your applicant will have a fully-populated, well-crafted profile, live on LinkedIn. So they can begin finding mentors, following colleges and professors, connecting and conversing with a network of like-minded people that will improve their admissions journey – and set a foundation for a lifetime of success. *Minimum age for LinkedIn is 16 years.

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SA LinkedIn Accomplished™
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