“Everyone’s telling my kids it’s smart to create an online presence for their college apps. Just tell me how.”


Give them the gift of a stellar online presence.

How hard is it to get a 17-year-old to think about their future?

That task becomes far easier when Social Assurity enters their lives. Based on the best practices of social media experts, these inspiring learning tools give kids a happy challenge—the same one they rise to every day: Navigating an online presence, across multiple evolving platforms, to communicate, collaborate, explore, and advance themselves in the world.

With one crucial difference: It’s not about expressing themselves to friends. It’s about strategically applying to college, and vying for scholarships. Using tools they’ve already mastered.


SA LinkedIn Accomplished™

15 questions. 10 minutes. And your applicant’s profile is online.*

These days, no one is arguing the importance of establishing an online persona as a prudent step towards college admission and success. But actually setting up online profiles, especially on less youth-centered platforms like LinkedIn – can be a stumbling block.

The easiest answer? Let Social Assurity do the heavy lifting. With Social Assurity Accomplished™, all you need to do is answer a few simple questions via an online form. Spend 10 minutes, press the Submit button – and we’ll do the rest. Within 3 business days, your applicant will have a fully-populated, well-crafted profile, live on LinkedIn. So they can begin finding mentors, following professors, connecting and conversing with a network of like-minded people that will improve their admissions journey – and set a foundation for a lifetime of success. *Minimum age for LinkedIn is 16 years.

SA LinkedIn Accomplished™
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SA Apprentice: Social Media Training Techniques for College-Bound Students

This acclaimed social media tactical training package teaches students how to employ the social media they use every day in excitingly new and productive ways. The self-directed and actionable lessons teach essential social media skills with a focus on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. The package includes 9 training modules utilizing how-to videos, real-life examples, interactive exercises, and thought-provoking questions.

This package contains over 4 hours of comprehensive and pragmatic educational materials with step by step instruction on how to build compelling digital portfolios and developing effective social networking techniques. Students are encouraged to build their public social media profiles and apply new engagement skills as they work their way through the materials.

SA Apprentice: Social Media Courseware for College-Bound Students
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SA Master: One-on-One Counseling

SA Master service works one-on-one with your student to chronicle their achievements, showcase their interests and attributes, and show them how to identify and network with key decision makers on select social media platforms. 

The Master service includes up to 8 hours of expert personalized service including digital portfolio development, personal branding, Google optimization, enrollment management optimization, engagement techniques, networking recommendations, maximizing settings, and resource utilization. Social Assurity Apprentice courseware is included with your purchase. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

SA Master: One-on-One Counseling
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SA Monthly: Social Media Strategic Training Subscription

For only $75 per month your student will receive full access to the social media training package on a monthly installment basis for 12 months. In addition to the 9 social media training modules delivered monthly, subscribers will receive SA LinkedIn Accomplished in month #5, a full LinkedIn profile critique in month #9, and a social media audit and assessment in month #12.

This annual subscription is cancellable at any time with no further obligation, and your student keeps the materials received prior to cancellation.

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I really like the courseware you created and it is very easy to navigate. Our kids deserve the very best opportunities and you have added a depth to the college application process that I find inspiring. I completely believe in what you are doing and applaud you!
— Educational Leader
I’d been warned to keep personal pages private, to avoid casual judgments of my persona based on years of teenage posting. Now, after Social Assurity, it makes much more sense to use social media to exemplify my goals, values, passions, strengths, and interests, whether personal or professional.
— High School Student

I just watched the interview with Alan Katzman. WOW! That was incredibly informative! So much good info that I NEVER considered. Thank you! We are minimalists when it comes to social media. I have not heard until now a logical argument for the pros of social media. I’m having my husband watch ASAP. Thanks!
— Parent
Great content. This is a course that EVERYONE should take, not just college applicants but parents and any professional in the workforce. A great social media learning experience!
— Parent