Social Assurity and Synocate will be co-sponsoring a free webinar: "Using Social Media to Stand Out in College Admissions" on Sunday July 30th at 6pm PT / 9pm ET. 

In the competitive world of college admissions and scholarship opportunities, students need a way to stand out from the crowded pool of qualified applicants. Social media provides the perfect platform for students to tell their story, showcase their accomplishments, and convey character. Students need to be taught the permanence, discoverability, and vast reach of social media, while also learning how to use social media proactively and productively.  

It’s becoming increasingly important for students to understand how colleges and universities are using social media as part of their recruitment and admissions process and how students can strategically use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other online resources to advance their college and career opportunities in a competitive world.

Social Assurity and Synocate have teamed to offer the digital tools students need to grasp and use social media for their future academic and career goals.

BONUS: In connection with this event, Social Assurity is offering complimentary access to its social media educational course for parents, educators and counselors. Take the course to gain a better understanding of social media's influence on college admissions prior to the webinar.

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