Social Assurity is the preeminent leader in providing students (both high school and college), as well as their parents, the insights, knowledge and tools necessary to represent their best self forward online to engage with the schools, companies and influencers that will help them get into college, land their dream internship or full-time job. 

Social Assurity “Best Practices in Social Media for Students” online courses were created to teach high school and college students how to better position themselves on social media for both college admissions and hiring managers.  The new six-course curriculum provides detailed and practical instruction on the effective use of social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Social Assurity’s "Best Practices in Social Media for Students” curriculum are delivered through Mr. Katzman’s public speaking engagements as well as online courses which include the following themes:

·         “Social Media Primer” educates parents on their role and how best together with their kids they can influence college acceptance prospects. In this course, parents learn how their kids can use social media strategically to increase their chances of getting accepted to top colleges.

·         “Social Media Overview for High School Students” demonstrates how colleges are using social media as an intrinsic part of their recruiting and admissions process. With an increased focus on character, community service and digital student portfolios, the savvy college applicant will learn to use social media to showcase their strengths.

·         “Social Media Overview for College Students” explains to college students the simple fact that 92% of employers use social media as part of the recruiting and hiring process. And they’re not looking for “bad behavior”, but rather a well-rounded picture of your authentic character and interests. Here college students will learn all the ins and outs of crafting their social media presence to gain a solid advantage in your search for internships and full-time employment.

·         “LinkedIn Essentials” reinforces the concept that the most important social media platform for students looking to make a strong case for college admission and career success is LinkedIn. This eCourse is the first of its kind, designed for students to fully grasp the powers of LinkedIn for recruiting, personal branding and affinity-group networking.

·         “Twitter Essentials” helps both high school and college students harness Twitter’s full potential. Students are encouraged to use Twitter to establish their online personality, display their areas of expertise and interests, and engage with like-minded thinkers - including those in powerful decision-making positions. 

·         “Facebook Essentials” takes the power of over 1.4 billion users and positions it in the mind of students as the true first impression for any admissions staff or future employer.  Here Social Assurity shows students how to control their account through controlling Facebook's privacy settings, and how their personal brand can be conveyed by their latest “selfies”, tags, posts and behaviors.

Rather than inhibit a student’s use of social media, the coursework guides students based on a set of principles that emphasizes the value of networking, active community engagement and developing a unique and authentic personal narrative to best tell their own “self-story”.  Designed to encourage students and their parents to create a more complete digital representation of the student, the result of the courses will be a more complete student profile that not only focuses on their educational accomplishments but also reinforces their unique character, interests, talents and personality. 


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