Our social media education eCourses are essential for high school students, in order to achieve 21st century skills and college and career readiness.

It’s becoming increasingly important for students and educators to understand how colleges and universities are using social media as part of their recruiting and admissions process and how students can strategically use LinkedIn, Twitter, and other online resources to advance their college and career opportunities in a competitive world.

Social Assurity offers the tools students need to grasp and use social media for their academic and career future.

I really like the course you created and it is very easy to navigate. Our kids deserve the very best opportunities and you have added a depth to the college application process that I find inspiring. I completely believe in what you are doing and applaud you!
— Dean of a private school, Atlanta
The most useful advice on social media I’ve ever heard. Common-sense insights that often go untaught, even at university career centers.
— Student