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of college admissions decision-makers now rely on social media to help choose among today’s historically overcrowded field of applicants. And that number leaps to nearly 100% when students invite them to view social media profiles. Of those who said they look at a student's social media networks, a larger number said the review benefited the applicant: 47% said what they found had a positive impact on prospective students. Social Media as a college prep tool is here to stay. 

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The higher you aspire, the more you'll be scrutinized. 

Why not make the best of it – by making the most of your social media personality?

Our social media coaching for students will help you do just that. 

If someone sends us a link of any kind, it doesn’t have to be from some company or some organization, if it seems relevant to making the best possible case for that person’s admission, we will certainly take a look at it.
— William R. Fitzsimmons, Harvard's Dean of Admissions