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The importance of finding your digital voice is rising dramatically.

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Social Media Coaching For College



of college admissions decision-makers now rely on social media to help choose among today’s historically overcrowded field of applicants. And that number leaps to nearly 100% when students invite them to view social media profiles. Of those who said they look at a student's social media networks, a larger number said the review benefited the applicant: 47% said what they found had a positive impact on prospective students. Social Media as a college prep tool is here to stay. 

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The higher you aspire, the more you'll be scrutinized. 

Why not make the best of it – by making the most of your social media personality?

Our social media coaching for students will help you do just that. 

If someone sends us a link of any kind, it doesn’t have to be from some company or some organization, if it seems relevant to making the best possible case for that person’s admission, we will certainly take a look at it.
— William R. Fitzsimmons, Harvard's Dean of Admissions

What if your online life became a digital portrait of your best self?


That’s exactly what more than 90 of America’s premier colleges are looking for, in their groundbreaking application process.

The heart of the new application is a student’s digital portfolio – comprised of the same types of media you’ve been using for years on social platforms.

Recognizing that college admissions is in desperate need of reinvention, a diverse coalition of schools – including all eight Ivies, Duke, Stanford, Notre Dame, and more — developed a free platform of online tools to modernize the application experience.

Since our inception, we’ve preached that “character counts,” and touted social media's power in conveying it. Now Harvard’s Turning the Tide report sagely reflects on the dire need for judging character, not resumé bullet points, in college admissions. 

Harvard’s report, says Frank Bruni, is “a call for a revolution. It could make a real difference not just because it has widespread backing but also because it nails the way in which society in general — and children in particular — are badly served by the status quo.”

What if we could coach you through the process, individually?


Our custom concierge service does exactly that – we social media coach you to help you build content and create a network on LinkedIn and Twitter, with regular updates and progress reports back to you.

My son would be an exceptional candidate for any of the top colleges in the nation. But there are so many others with resumes of the same caliber and equally lofty goals.

Social Assurity’s LinkedIn coaching allowed him a space where he was able to showcase his accomplishments in a way the Common Application cannot.

Social media didn’t make him the perfect candidate. That he did on his own. What Social Assurity’s social media coach did was make social media into a tool that worked for him.

I’m so happy to say that in December my son was admitted Early Action to the university of his dreams.

His very first tweet? ‘My grandfather came to this country with 8 dollars in his pocket. Harvard class of 2020.’
— Parent

What Parents are saying

There are kids I don’t recruit because I see their social media. When I see an inappropriate [post], like provocative pictures or inappropriate language, it’s a red flag. It not only tells me about the player, it also tells me that their parents are obviously not aware of what’s going on in their teen’s world, and I don’t feel like I’m going to have that backing from a parent if I have an issue with that child.
— Audra Smith, head coach of women’s basketball at Clemson University
Social Assurity developed a personalized, step-by-step social media coaching plan that encouraged my son to present his true self to the world.
— Mother
Great content. This is a course that EVERYONE should take, not just college applicants but parents and any professional in the workforce. A great social media coach!
— College Advisor
You deliver a really important message that our students need to hear.
— PTA President
I just finished the e-course for parents. Amazing!
— Executive Officer, Parents League of New York

What Students are saying

Your social media coach has given me some incredible tools to be able to search effectively for a job after graduation.
Professors only do so well in teaching us this stuff – but I can run circles around them after learning your social media coaching material.
It’s a truly special learning experience, incredibly relevant and important for us soon-to-be-striving graduates.
For job seekers, the persuasive cover letter and germane resume have long been the way to get a foot in the door, and more recently, HR directors will rummage through Google to make sure nothing negative turns up. But now, the extent to which individuals have established a strong and compelling online presence is having an impact on who gets the interview and job. Actively building a digital footprint that proves presence in a professional community and expertise in the field is increasingly important.
— Knowledge@Wharton