What if your student's online life became a digital portrait of their best self?



35% to 100%

35% of college admissions decision-makers now rely on social media to help choose among today’s historically overcrowded field of applicants. That number leaps to nearly 100% when students invite a college to view their social media! 

Of those who said they look at a student's social media networks, a larger number said the review benefited the applicant: 47% said what they found had a positive impact on prospective students. Social media as a college prep tool is here to stay. 

If someone sends us a link of any kind, it doesn’t have to be from some company or some organization, if it seems relevant to making the best possible case for that person’s admission, we will certainly take a look at it.
— William R. Fitzsimmons, Harvard's Dean of Admissions
All of my previous notions about social media flew out the window.
— High School Student

The importance of finding their digital voice is rising dramatically.


Our social media educational courseware, concierge services, and workshops are designed to deliver 21st century digital leadership skills for college and career readiness.

It’s becoming increasingly important for students to understand how colleges and universities are using social media as part of their recruitment and admissions process and how students can strategically use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other online resources to advance their college and career opportunities in a competitive world.

Social Assurity offers the digital tools students need to grasp and use social media for their future academic and career goals. 

After taking the course, I was amazed at the amount of inbound communication I was getting from first-time viewers. A whole network of interesting people who had no prior connection to me were searching for me, based on the information I was able to put into my page
— Student

What if we could coach your student through the process, personally?

Our Select service does exactly that.


We coach students to create a public and discoverable digital portfolio showcasing their activities, character, contributions, and aspirations.

For years, students have been encouraged to clean up, hide, or even delete their social media accounts prior to the college application process and job search. This dated advice ignores the obvious. When done right, social media can help students get into the college or land the job of their choice. 

In the competitive world of college admissions and career opportunities, students need a way to stand out from the crowded pool of qualified applicants. Social media provides the perfect platform for students to tell their story, showcase their accomplishments, and convey their character.  

Wherever their journey takes them, their social media will arrive first.


Social media plays an extremely influential role in employment and graduate school admissions.

Employers are using social media to examine candidates, to determine whether they’ll fit in. Instagram is the new LinkedIn.
— Rachel Bitte, Jobvite
Every student should assume that admissions committees DO look up applicants online and sometimes come across information about people that can either hurt or help a candidate.
— Dr. Scott M. Rodgers, Associate Dean for Med Students at Vanderbilt
We very regularly go to LinkedIn or Facebook to check out candidates.
— Julie Barefoot, Associate Dean of MBA Admissions at Emory
You deliver a really important message that our students need to hear.
— PTA President
Social Assurity developed a personalized, step-by-step social media coaching plan that encouraged my son to present his true self to the world.
— Mother
I just finished the e-course for parents. Amazing!
— Executive Officer, Parents League of New York
Great content. This is a course that EVERYONE should take, not just college applicants but parents and any professional in the workforce. A great social media learning experience!
— Parent