We are pleased to support and endorse Cyber Civics™, the innovative middle school Digital Citizenship & Literacy Curriculum (w/support for educators and parents).  Cyber Civics meets an urgent and growing demand to teach students how to become ethical, knowledgeable, and empowered digital citizens. Cyber Civics is packed with peer-to-peer learning activities that call on critical thinking, ethical discussion and decision making through hands-on projects, problem solving activities, and role-play, emphasizing the social and behavioral skills. 

The Institute for Responsible Online and Cellphone Communication (IROC2) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping Digital Citizens use technology and the power of Public and Permanent™ to open windows of opportunity - not close them.

The Institute’s mission is unique in that it does not solely focus on existing trends such as "sexting" and "cyber bullying", but rather communicates a necessary Digital Consciousness™ that serves as the foundation for a uniform and proactive solution to any digital issue.  The Institute is an ambassador to Digital Enlightenment™, and desires to construct a global digital community free of negative and sometimes irreversible consequences resulting from poor digital judgment.