Deliver pragmatic social media instruction to your high school and college students. Prepare them for academic and career success in the 21st century. 

With engaging practicality, our social media courseware, workshops, and concierge services teach students to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more to establish relevant networks – and build authentic reputations – that can serve them the rest of their lives.  

Social Assurity helps young people harness social media to curate informative and persuasive digital portraits that reflect their true character and potential – for a tangible advantage in college and graduate school admissions, scholarships, the working world, and a diverse career.

Whether you are a parent, student, advisor, or educator, we have a solution for you.

Is it a good thing if Harvard and Dartmouth are following me on Twitter?
All of my previous notions about social media flew out the window.
— Student