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Social Assurity offers the tools students need to grasp and use social media for their academic and career future.

I’ve been going through the courses and I’m impressed with the detail and practicality of the content! There is so much there that would be of use to students and their parents. I’m glad you’ve invested your time in this area; our students are wallowing in ignorance of the dangers of social media, and your social media coaching is crucial. I’m glad we connected!
— High School educator
The courses are very well thought out. The clear page layouts and very descriptive instructions ensure that new users of the system can’t get lost. I’ve seen e-courses from very bad sources in the past, but I’d happily trust my students with this social media resource. Social Assurity’s courseware would benefit users of all ages.
— High School Advisor

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These social media courses are awesome, especially those that show how social media affects college and job acceptance. The content modules are amazing – they all complement each other and give clear, real-life examples. Our own local resources simply don’t cover these topics. My students agreed – one senior even commented that he wished he’d seen the courses last year as a junior.
— High School Advisor
We pride ourselves on helping students develop as digital citizens and act in a professional manner. As many of our students begin looking into colleges and careers, it is important for them to understand social media and its effects (positive and negative) sooner than later. Social Assurity’s social media programs are important because they coach our students key aspects of social media use that are vital for their futures.
— Student Advisor

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Social Media Workshops for High Schools

Alan Katzman is the leading student social media expert in the country. He trains tens of thousands of students and teachers each year, and is a sought-out lecturer on how to use social media for showcasing students’ maturity and character, interests and accomplishments online.

His deep understanding and engaging speeches have proven as methods for substantial advantages in college admissions and career.

Alan will travel to your school to meet with students and parents for assemblies, where he will personally cover with students, educators and parents everything they need to know about students’ online reputation management and how to create an outstanding online presence that will help students in their college application process and extend into their career years. 

What students and educators are saying about our events.

Had a wonderful time listening to your discussion on LinkedIn, just wanted to share with you that I had a blast listening. Thank you for the info!
— Student
The content, the structure, and your presentation style were all excellent. I found it immensely informative.
— School Advisor
What a great presentation! The students were engaged throughout and the information presented was extremely relevant and insightful. I was impressed with the positive tone the social media coach took in outlining the benefits of social media while also warning of the potential pitfalls.
— High School Counselor
Spectacular presentation. I see how much more I need to work on and tweak my LinkedIn profile and account.
— Student