What Parents are saying

There are kids I don’t recruit because I see their social media. When I see an inappropriate [post], like provocative pictures or inappropriate language, it’s a red flag. It not only tells me about the player, it also tells me that their parents are obviously not aware of what’s going on in their teen’s world, and I don’t feel like I’m going to have that backing from a parent if I have an issue with that child.
— Audra Smith, head coach of women’s basketball at Clemson University
Social Assurity developed a personalized, step-by-step plan that encouraged my son to present his true self to the world.
— Mother
Great content. This is a course that EVERYONE should take, not just college applicants but parents and any professional in the workforce.
— College Advisor
You deliver a really important message that our students need to hear.
— PTA President
I just finished the e-course for parents. Amazing!
— Executive Officer, Parents League of New York

What Students are saying

You have given me some incredible tools to be able to search effectively for a job after graduation.
Professors only do so well in teaching us this stuff – but I can run circles around them after learning your material.
It’s a truly special learning experience, incredibly relevant and important for us soon-to-be-striving graduates.
For job seekers, the persuasive cover letter and germane resume have long been the way to get a foot in the door, and more recently, HR directors will rummage through Google to make sure nothing negative turns up. But now, the extent to which individuals have established a strong and compelling online presence is having an impact on who gets the interview and job. Actively building a digital footprint that proves presence in a professional community and expertise in the field is increasingly important.
— Knowledge@Wharton