Harnessing the Power of Social Media for College and Career

 Social Assurity, the leader in helping students effectively manage their social media profiles for college and career, announced today the launch of a new set of personalized services enabling students to take control of and enhance their digital identities.

The newly launched Signature Series offers students a choice of services for managing their digital presence. Designed to build an authentic and optimized online identity, these services will increase students’ chances of gaining acceptance to the most competitive colleges and landing the best jobs.

Beginning with the social media Personal Assessment, an essential first step towards controlling one’s social media identity, Social Assurity offers a gradated range of service options including investigative research and analysis, one-on-one consultations, reparation advice, customized optimization services, and on-going social media monitoring and management. The new flagship Elite Service incorporates all of these options into a complete end-to-end concierge management system.

“Our new social media personal assessment provides teens, high school and college students an advantageous low cost option to receive immediate feedback on the current state of their social media presence,” states Alan Katzman, founding member of Social Assurity. “What surprises many students is discovering how far removed their social media holograph is from the person they genuinely are and how they want to appear to others. Our goal is to elevate the voice of our clients beyond all of the adolescent chatter.”

Since its inception, Social Assurity has been recognized as a thought leader in the discussion on how social media is impacting college admissions and employment decisions. Social Assurity was the first to raise students' awareness of the implications of using Twitter and other native social media messaging platformsto communicate with colleges and businesses and by advising college and job applicants to bolster and augment their social media persona instead of hiding it.

"Given the large number of applicants to the most competitive colleges and jobs, it is imperative that serious applicants look at their digital presence as an asset and a natural extension of their college applications and professional resumes in order to set themselves apart from other qualified candidates," states Katzman. "Our mission is to help students achieve the optimum results while developing an impressive social media presence for their advantage."

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