Tag! You’re It!

Sometimes your best friends can innocently throw your reputation under the bus and you don’t even realize it! Have you ever had a friend tag or mention you in a post that is inappropriate or hurts someone’s feelings and you hear about it weeks later? Or you innocently like your friend’s questionable post and it then shows up on your parents’ newsfeed! Yikes. Or your friend posts a screen grab of a text conversation you thought was private! Staying on top of your online reputation can be a full time job…especially when you are away from social media for a period of time. Here are some tips to help make sure that YOU are in control:

  • Monitor notifications and request push notifications to your device (any time your posts are liked, commented on, or you are tagged or mentioned).  Unfortunately Instagram only shows the last 75 notifications (which include likes, tags, comments and mentions), so if you were tagged or mentioned in someone else’s photo, you need to be pretty religious about checking notifications. If you and your friends are very active posters, you may not stumble across questionable content because of sheer volume. Check out the site mention.com and sign up with your name and social media handle. You will get notified any time you are mentioned ANYWHERE online.
  • Every now and then check who you are FOLLOWING and who FOLLOWS you.
  • Check your privacy settings and make some changes.
    • Private or not private? Our new friends at Social Assurity have changed our tune. We aren’t fans of Private accounts anymore because REALLY, nothing is private once it is online. You should be proud of and comfortable with your digital persona.  BUT you can still improve your settings.
    • For Facebook: Who can see things on your timeline and add things to your timeline? Switch to FRIENDS only because you never know who your friends are friends with!
      • You are probably allowing ANYONE to tag you in a photo and post it to your timeline and on Facebook.  If you aren’t a regular user of Facebook, you may not even realize you were tagged in a photo for weeks! Sometimes the photo isn’t questionable, but it may hurt someone’s feelings. Like if you were at a party and someone wasn’t included, but you were there. Even if YOU would never put that photo online, maybe your friend would! Don’t let that photo of you get into the wrong hands. Enable two features: 1)Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline 2) Review tags people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook. Remember: When you approve a tag, the person tagged and their friends may be able to see your post.
      • For Twitter: This is a tricky one, because Twitter is the most public and very searchable on Google. If someone posts something hurtful, bullying or spam, you can report it. 
      • For Instagram: Except for people you’ve blocked, anyone can tag you in their photos. Photos other people tag you in appear on your profile under the  tab. You can choose to manually or automatically include these photos on your profile. To remove yourself from a photo someone tagged you in:
        1. Tap on the photo
        2. Tap your name
        3. Tap More Options > Remove Me from Photo
      • To hide a photo you’re tagged in from your profile:
        1. Tap the photo
        2. Tap your name
        3. Tap Hide from My Profile
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      Note to parents: If you child is new to social media, you can also use these tools like push notifications and signing up for mention.com to help your child navigate the digital world and understand the impact of his/her online reputation.

Lauren Forman is the Social Media Director at Camp Towanda, a premier co-ed sleepaway camp in Honesdale, PA.www.camptowanda.com