How Do You Get Into Duke?

By Jamie Finch - Balanced Work/Life Solutions

The process by which one gets into an elite college or university has become harder to predict than the weather.  Parents who want their children on the road to success via the Ivy League and elite institutions are scrambling for that one thing that sets their child apart from the thousands of others students applying to elite institutions. Thousands of dollars are spent preparing children for the SAT’s (or even the PSAT’s), private school tuition or tutors that can cost upwards of $150/hour, college essay assistance, college counselor fees, interview coaches and the list goes on.

When you look at raw numbers it seems like these pricey services help students maintain, not secure their position as a competitive applicant an elite institution. Most applicants applying to these top schools are in the top 10% of their class, scoring above a 1500 on SAT’s is common, everyone has AP classes and a solid essay.  So what is a parent to do?  What is the one thing that distinguishes who gets in and who doesn’t when most applicants are the top of everything?

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