Social Media Activity That Could Make or Break Your Future

The paradoxical cliche, "if a tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" is like asking, "if someone exists and they don't have an online identity, do they really exist?" Social media platforms open the catwalk and microphone to the former ‘average Joe.’ It's about identity, influence, interaction, and innovation.

 With a bang, the explosion of its use created an alternate universe that's changed ours forever. Internet cultures have emerged based on common interests, goals, and values. You don't have to be a sociologist to examine these societies, as anyone can travel to and fro at the speed of light. For this reason, social media has become the road signs to our identities.

Like it or not, the times have changed and in order to keep our heads above water we must understand them. Businesses, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, etc. have become one with this new universe- have you? By this I mean are you ‘socially aware’ of your universe? My theory that we create our own universe is absolute in social media. As they say, “you are what you tweet.”

The degree of separation now with social media must be incredibly small. For this reason, it is to our advantages as emerging or expanding professionals. Below are some keys to becoming totally aware and in control of your online universe in order to reach your goals.

 Identify Your Goals

Facebook is not Twitter is not LinkedIn is not Pinterest is not Instagram. Each platform has a strong point, and a certain audience. Know off the bat what you’re using it for and remain consistent. In doing this, you’ll attract the audience you want to reach. Networking with your small group of friends? Keep it private. Job searching? Follow career sites, your idols, and like-minded people. Always make sure your content is consistent with the group with which you’re trying to identify.

 But Don’t Be Shy!

All you introverts - this is your ticket to showcasing your personality without really going out of your comfort zone! If you’re looking to get into law, follow and interact with lawyers or like-minded students. This is your opportunity to get a global network of ideas and inspiration!

 Be Yourself

Now more than ever, colleges and employers are Googling names in addition to resumes. Using your own photos and name makes you traceable, identifiable, and credible. You’re a real person, with real ideas, and a real brain. Why not showcase it? It’s like handing in your biography to a professor without putting your name on it. You’d do all the work and take none of the credit.

 Remember the Internet is Public

Yes, your post is available for the world to see if you don’t have strict privacy settings. Yes they’re being tracked and recorded by others! Don’t incriminate yourself!!!! If you have dirty laundry, keep it home. If you've got bad habits don’t make them public. But DON’T let this scare you! If you’re not posting anything to tarnish your name, you've got nothing to worry about. It’s like walking down the streets of Manhattan during lunchtime. You wouldn't go out in pajamas with messy hair, screaming out your dirty deeds. So, keep them off social media and out of the public eye.

 Do Some Spring Cleaning

If you’re like me, you've had Facebook since it was only meant for college kids before parents and employers even knew what it was. So, there are probably a few posts you don’t want anyone but your college buds to see. Take them off! Everyone is using social media now- including your parents!! Go through your old content and even Google yourself. Make sure anything that can be found is consistent with your future goals.

Social media will be what you make of it. The fact of the matter is that more people, businesses, and employers are using it than ever. It’s an entirely new universe, and we as individuals have the power to create how we’re viewed. Do we want to be viewed as mature, aspiring professionals with credible ideas that can better the world? Then we must act like it. 

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