Why You Need A Social Media Background Assessment Now - A Testimonial

In the digital age of information, where do we draw the line of sharing too much? More of our information is being viewed and shared beyond our control, and it’s vital we recognize that once posted, it’s out of our hands and etched onto our digital permanent records- in stone.

Just a few months ago, a teen’s Facebook post caused her father’s court settlement of $80,000 to be retracted. All debates aside, the fact is that one single Facebook post had a catastrophic consequence for more than just the poster.

The Problem

Young people still really don’t understand social media and it’s full potential. It’s not as basic as it was when Zuckerberg was still in Harvard or before Myspace went mainstream. It’s use is in every aspect of society. Our parents are on social media (even our parent’s parents! ) our teachers, our employers, businesses, civil service leaders, politicians. You get the point.

According to the Washington Post, 77% of employers are using social networks to recruit. LinkedIn is a perfect example of the rise of digital networking. It offers employers an efficient way to search for well rounded, connected candidates without sifting through piles of poorly written resumes. 

What I’m getting at here is the vitality of our digital presence. How we present ourselves online has a bigger impact than most realize. In short, we must look the part we wish to play- whether it’s college student or young professional and act accordingly. 

The Solution

Young people must become aware of who they are, and how they fit in the grand scheme of things. Essentially perfecting what bloggers and marketing gurus might call your “personal brand.” 

Your digital presence should reflect the many dimensions of your life. I’m not saying “if you don’t want Grandma to read it, don’t post it” because Grandma isn’t who your entire future depends on. (Sorry Grandma.) As if folk singers were prophets, the times they are are a-changin', and it’s essential to adapt. 

I would have told you I censor the content I share, keeping in mind the variety of networks in which I engage, but after I was encouraged to take Social Assurity’s Social Media Assessment, I realized I had much more to work on. 

Easy as 1,2,3

Signing up for the Social Assurity Assessment was the start of a highly advantageous investment. It required but two minutes of my time to fill out my basic information and my professional goals. A few weeks later, I received a written report describing my online presence in depth, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and advising on how to reach my career goal. I was also encouraged to schedule an appointment to discuss any further questions or challenges. 

Though they call it a “consultation” the word is an understatement. Social Assurity’s services are more like personalized mentors. They personally examined every platform I use. My content and engagement was summed up in a few adjectives, and then I was given advice on which platforms to increase my usage, or change my approach, depending on my future goal.

The idea is like a mock interview- getting out the kinks before you go to the real thing. Technology is taking over, and that means we all are going to depend on digital forms of communication. It’s vital that we perfect them before we need to depend on them. I’m a post graduate, and barely used social media while an undergrad. My use of it, though, was to interact with the friends I already had. 

As a post grad, I realized the extreme advantages it has to grow my professional network. Like they say, two heads are better than one. Cleaning up my LinkedIn and Google+ accounts, as advised, has already put me in touch with several connections that would have skimmed over my profile had I not had certain keywords. Reaching out and interacting with people in the field I want to go to has inspired my own content. 

We all use social media for different purposes, and to our parents it’s a scary idea. The fact is that it’s the way of the future, and we need to keep up lest we fall behind. With Social Assurity’s assessments, we can see where we are from and learn in which direction to go. 

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