Is Your Child Prepared for College and Beyond...Emotionally

The author of this article, Michelle Kelley, LCSW, is a licensed counselor and the owner of Girls Stand Strong in Warrenton, VA. Michelle works with children, teens and adults to help them develop the emotional intelligence, critical thinking skills and the self-confidence they need to succeed in their personal, academic and work lives.

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So your child is heading to college this fall. Congratulations!

For parents and high school seniors alike, this is an emotionally charged and bittersweet time. It is a time to remember and reflect on your teenager’s personal, academic, athletic and extracurricular achievements and milestones from grade school through high school. It is a time to celebrate their forthcoming graduation, emerging independence and transition into young adulthood. 

It can also be a time of mourning for parents who must come to grips with letting go of the beloved child in whom they have invested so much: so much time, so much hope, so much  energy, so much attention, and so much worry. 

While your teenager is savoring the final days of their high school career and all the traditional rites of passage that go with it -- Senior Prom, graduation ceremonies and graduation parties -- you also deserve to be recognized and commended for all you have done to prepare your child for college, and to promote and develop your child’s self-reliance and independence. You have spent many hours together with your child researching and evaluating college choices, visiting college campuses, and ensuring that college applications were completed and submitted on time.

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