Social Media and College Admissions: A Testimonial

A Parent's Testimonial:

"My son is an extraordinary student with exceptional achievements, meaningful extracurricular activities and a rigorous course load. He would be an exceptional candidate for any of the top colleges in the nation. There are, however, so many others with exactly the same caliber of resume and with equally lofty goals. 

Social Assurity insisted that there was a way to use social media to make him stand out. I wasn’t sure about this. I am not a savvy social media user and my son tended to use his social media only very minimally, rarely posting anything on Facebook, and not even having a Twitter account. Social Assurity insisted that I let them develop a strategy with my son to get to a place where social media could work for him. 

Social Assurity helped my son create a beautiful LinkedIn page. He filled it with photographs of him doing his things: playing the viola, finishing his Eagle Scout Project, recruiting for the debate team, winning debate tournaments. He got endorsements for his special skills and descriptions of his high school curriculum. He was able to detail elements of his work history and every single item in his resume was listed there in its entirety with no constraints. 

LinkedIn allowed my son a space where he was able to showcase his accomplishments in a way that the Common Application does not allow.  

My son applied early to his one dream school. At the end of their supplemental application they asked “Is there anything about you that you feel has not been adequately described in this application?” My son told them he thought it was adequate but that if they were interested in reading more, to visit his LinkedIn page and he provided the link. 

The way Social Assurity described it is this: if there are two kids who are equal in every way on the applications, they will Google them. Don’t you want to be in control of what they find? Don’t you want to lead them to find out the very best parts of you? 

Caveat: social media could never have made him into the perfect candidate. That he did on his own. What Social Assurity did was make social media into a tool that worked for him. We hear a lot about how social media works against students by allowing colleges to see evidence of all their wrong-doings; what if social media were doing just the opposite: letting colleges see all that students are doing right? 

That’s what Social Assurity did for my son. They harnessed the power of social media to work on his behalf. I would never have thought it could be so powerful. They knew exactly what to highlight, what was important and what wasn’t, who to target, who to invite to connect, how to set up the page to showcase what was best about my son, what sorts of entities to “follow” to get the best information flowing onto the page. By the time Social Assurity helped him organize that LinkedIn page, we knew that if he was the right fit for that university, they would know it and they would invite him to attend.

I’m so happy to say that on December 10 my son was admitted Early Action to the university of his dreams. His very first tweet? 

“My grandfather came to this country with 8 dollars in his pocket. Harvard class of 2020!”

Thank you, Social Assurity. You really know what you’re talking about. "

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