Showcasing Your Accomplishments on Social Media for College Admissions and Career Advancement

It is time to redefine Social Media's role in student life and to elevate the conversation. The debate is over. Having a robust social media presence is an essential element of college admissions and job search activities.

Social media has quickly evolved from a peer-to-peer platform to a public showcase of an indivdual's talents, skills, activities and accomplishments. Colleges and employers have been integrating social media review into their recruitment and assessment processes at a rapid pace. Whether students realize it or not, their social media has become their resume, cover letter, personal statement and recommendation letters all rolled into one.

At the heart of this movement is the perceived ability to judge a candidate's integrity, credibility and character by way of social media. Accelerated by real-time social media conversations, candidates can stand out and impress decision-makers simply by packaging their experiences in a smart and deliberate way.

Many students will be traveling, working and volunteering this summer as they build their portfolio for college and career. Social Assurity  believes that these experiences should be showcased on social media to build a digital dossier for their future. Whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or Instagram, posting about one's experiences creates a rich mosaic for interaction, recruitment and consideration. The persuasive power of social media dwarfs traditional methods of recruitment and a blind adherence to traditional tools will leave those users in the dust. 

The world wants interesting people! Grades, test scores and resumes are boring, uninformative and dated. Utilize the story telling power of social media to stand out, be heard and be seen. Start today.



Alan KatzmanComment