Social Assurity: Promoting positive social media presence

Students today are repeatedly told not to post anything on the Internet that could harm their future educational and employment prospects. Yet an organization called “Social Assurity” believes that with their help students can actually enhance their college and employment potential through the effective use of social media. Based on direct feedback from students, rather than inhibit a student’s use of social media, the coursework guides students based on a set of principles that emphasizes the value of networking, active community engagement and developing a unique and authentic personal narrative to best tell their own “self-story”.

Social Assurity recently announced the launch of their inaugural course program, “Best Practices in Social Media for Students,” created to teach high school and college students how to better position themselves on social media for both college admissions and hiring managers. The new six-course curriculum provides detailed and practical instruction on the effective use of social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. Essentially, they teach kids about safe, effective and entirely appropriate ways to use social media.

Recently, Founder and CEO Alan Katzman spoke to the Examiner about his experiences working with this organization and his hopes for its future: