Injecting Hope, Integrity and Technology into College Admissions

It’s a brave new world and the Coalition for Access, Affordability & Success deserves credit for trying to bring college admissions into the 21st century. Our high schools and high school counselors need to support that effort. All students and parents should be made aware of the coming Coalition Application as a viable option regardless of whether school counselors endorse it or not. While it entails embracing change on a large scale, we all must remember that high school counselors are conduits and not gatekeepers.

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Empowering Students, Parents and Schools with 21st Century Skills

Social Assurity University is the first eCurriculum designed for schools, students, parents and job-seekers that makes social media education positive, empowering and goal-oriented, by teaching new skills and strategies for college admissions and job recruiting in today's world.

Instead of focusing on what not to post, Social Assurity University teaches learners how to post with a purpose and get discovered. Social Assurity also expects these strategies and techniques will reduce incidents of cyberbullying by giving new purpose to teen social media activities. 

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Applying to College? Build Your Social Media Presence in 3 Steps: What, Who, YOU!

Consider this: applying to college is the beginning of college. How you manage the college process determines not only where you land but something much bigger: who you are and what you do in college once you arrive.  

I know the college process feels nearly unendurably stressful. You’ve worked so long and so hard, and the eye of the needle seems to get narrower every day. It’s true that college is hugely expensive, and only 69 colleges provide a family’s full demonstrated financial need (only 40 if you want to graduate without loans).  

If you are academically qualified for those 69 (you can find out on their average grades and test scores on their web sites), you should apply. But there over 3000 other colleges in the US, and many of them will provide financial aid if you stand out as a “must have” candidate. Social media engagement can help shape you into someone with a unique voice and purpose: the kind of student who outperforms the odds in college admissions--and life.  

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