Social Assurity Announces LinkedIn Profile Development Tool for College Applicants

15 questions. 10 minutes. And your college applicant's LinkedIn profile is online.

Today – before a single human eye glances at a test score or the opening line of an essay – college admission decisions are being pre-sifted by machine, using AI-driven “predictive analytics”. Colleges rely on these “enrollment management systems” to accurately predict things like an applicant’s intention to enroll, their likelihood to succeed, and their ability to pay. An applicant’s social media profiles and online activities are often data mined as part of this assessment.

Whether an applicant is seeking acceptance into a highly selective college or looking for a maximum merit aid package, learning how to use social media to demonstrate interest and showcase their character and potential fit has become an indispensable college prep tool.

“These days, no one is arguing the importance of establishing an online persona as a prudent step towards college admission and success,” states Alan Katzman, founder of Social Assurity. “But actually setting up online profiles, especially on less youth-centered platforms like LinkedIn – can be a stumbling block.”

With Social Assurity’s LinkedIn Accomplished™, all students need to do is spend 10 minutes answering a few simple questions via an online form then press the submit button – and Social Assurity will do the rest.

“While we believe LinkedIn is the very best social media network for college applicants, sometimes high school students have a difficult time envisioning themselves on that platform which is exactly why we created Accomplished™,” states Jamie Finch, co-founder of Social Assurity.

With this new service, a college or graduate school applicant will receive a fully-populated, well-crafted profile, live on LinkedIn. So they can put their best foot forward when finding mentors, following colleges and professors, connecting and conversing with a network of like-minded people that will improve their admissions journey – and set a foundation for a lifetime of success.

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