Why Student Social Media Must Be Part of College Admissions Reviews

If a student’s character is truly a metric of college admissions then admissions officers need to consider student social media.

Just take a look at these three headline stories from January 20, 2019

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‘Repugnant image’: Indiana school officials investigate soccer team appearing to give Nazi salutes

Students showed their true colors on social media

Two teens proudly post Nazi-themed Valentine’s Day invite on social media

Bad PR for Covington Catholic High School

The MAGA Hat–Wearing Teens Who Taunted A Native American Elder Could Be Expelled

Two white girls in blackface grunted and swung their arms like apes.

"Racist, offensive and disgraceful"

The video, posted Friday to Twitter, shows two women in a Snapchat post, one of whom is wearing black paint on her face and hands and uses a racial slur.

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