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Are you turning your back on social media's role in college, scholarship, and employment decisions?


We will be delivering a special workshop at IECA's Fall Conference in Washington, DC:

"Appreciating Social Media's Probative Role in College Admissions and Scholarship Decisions" 

The role social media is playing in college admissions and scholarship decisions is growing, but its impact is often misunderstood. Is social media a negative to be avoided or a positive to be nurtured? Recent articles by The New York Times and CNN have highlighted how a reflective social media presence with content showcasing a student's activities, work product, accomplishments and service are favorably impacting admissions decisions. This session will explore the reasons why advising students to clean, hide or shut down their social media for college admissions is misleading and why working with students to build a digital portfolio for colleges to see is a compelling 21st century strategy.

Please mark your calendar and join us on November 16th at 3:30 pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

Can you tell a digital locker from a metal one?


Students will learn how to create compelling and informative digital portfolios using our engaging social media courseware.

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Meet the expanding needs and expectations of your students and clients.


We are student social media experts and offer products and services that are designed to complement and seamlessly integrate into your current curriculum and service offerings. 

To get started, we offer two free courses available directly from our website.

Mastering the Coalition College Application is a step-by-step tutorial on completing the Coalition College Application, fully updated for the 2017/2018 admissions cycle.

Social Media & College Admissions, Everything You Need to Know is a great introduction for parents and counselors to understand why it is crucial for students to learn how to build a reflective digital presence and develop effective social networking skills in today's competitive world of admissions, scholarships, and employment opportunities.

If you do not plan on attending the NACAC National Conference in September or the IECA conference in November but would still like to see a live demonstration of our student social media instructional courseware, you can schedule a time here.