Social Media and College Admissions

Colleges are using social media as part of the recruiting and admissions process. Learn how to perfect your social media to give you an advantage and boost your college application. 

Whether applying to undergraduate or graduate programs, admissions officers refer to social media (especially when invited to do so by the applicant) to assess an applicant's character and credibility as well as to recruit students. Students need to have their social media profiles public, searchable, consistent and compelling.

The learning outcomes and elements of Digital Leadership include:

1. Digital Literacy: Understand the fundamental social media rules of permanence, discoverability and audience reach. Appreciate the vital personal information that is shared with each and every social post, comment and interaction.

2. Digital Presence: Establish a unique identity within Google. Become easily discoverable on the major social media networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

3. Digital Voice:  Develop a social media presence that demonstrates a point of view. Proactively engage with and contribute to online communities. 

4. Digital Integrity: Authenticity. Build a social media presence that aligns with the skills, interests and activities highlighted on their college application, college essay, and resume. Create social media profiles that are consistent with one another to tell the story intended to be told. Understand how likes, follows and shares reflect upon one's character.

5. Digital Portfolio: Ensure colleges and employers will be able to learn about them by examining their social media. Create content that reflects creativity, maturity, professionalism, and problem-solving, leadership, writing, and analytical skills. 

Courseware for Students

This acclaimed social media courseware teaches students how to employ the social media they use every day in excitingly new and productive ways. The self-directed and actionable lessons teach essential social media skills with a focus on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube. The package includes a 9-course module utilizing how-to videos,  real-life examples, interactive exercises, and thought-provoking questions.

The courseware contains 4-6 hours of comprehensive educational materials with step by step instruction on how to build compelling digital portfolios and developing effective social networking techniques. Students are encouraged to build their public social media profiles and apply new engagement skills as they work their way through the courseware.

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