CTE Programs

For more and more of your students, it’s making sense to consider alternate paths to career success. Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs are leading the way, by providing students with modern employability skills that easily translate into college and career readiness.

Whether you’ve integrated a CTE curriculum into your existing offerings, or you’re considering it – Social Assurity’s courseware is especially relevant in today’s world.

Whatever path your CTE students take after you send them into the world — skilled careers, community college, higher education opportunities — their visible and socially-connected successes will boost your school’s reputation, and your ability to command budgets.

$1.1B federal dollars now available for CTE

CTE programs are supported by the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act, which provides approximately $1.1 billion in state grants annually to serve more than 14 million students nationwide. 

One of the many things about the Social Assurity eCourses that is so wonderful is that the courses are frequently updated to always remain relevant and timely.
— CTSO Executive
I’m currently taking the free course provided for educators, parents and college admissions. I’m a high school CTE teacher and I’m absolutely loving the information.
— Business Teacher