For job seekers, the persuasive cover letter and germane resume have long been the way to get a foot in the door, and more recently, HR directors will rummage through Google to make sure nothing negative turns up. But now, the extent to which individuals have established a strong and compelling online presence is having an impact on who gets the interview and job. Actively building a digital footprint that proves presence in a professional community and expertise in the field is increasingly important.
— Knowledge@Wharton

We are pleased to be partnered with College Funding Service Center to deliver the “best in class” online social media training materials for college students getting ready to launch their careers.

Employers will not be checking your social media simply to find embarrassing posts or to find reasons to reject you.

They will be checking your digital presence to learn more about you, so it is important for you to learn to build informative and discoverable social media profiles that gives employers something to see!

Your social media presence for employment will not be limited to LinkedIn so learn how to use all of your social media profiles to reflect your interests, skills, activities, service, and accomplishments.

Applying Social Media to Your Job Search
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