Social Media Profile Development Concierge

Social Media Profile Development Concierge


Social Media Concierge: Let a Pro Help You Create and Curate your Social Media Presence
In today’s world of college admissions, scholarship grants, job search, and professional networking, an informative social media presence is significantly more valued – and infinitely more powerful – than the stodgy old resumé, cover letter, and application essay. But what engaged and busy student has the time, energy or resources to master the secrets of social media? 

What if you could start building and maintaining a powerful social media presence – just by answering a few questions about yourself? A profile that would get you noticed by colleges, grad schools and recruiters? And engaged in dialog with schools, internships, employers and experienced professionals in your field? 

Social Media Development Concierge can help you create an impressive social media presence that authentically showcases your activities, service, experience, and goals, using our proven methods and insider insights into digital portfolios, recruitment, and networking methods. We will help you build your network, connections, and access. Your profile will shine against other profiles you’ll be compared with. 

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