Our custom concierge service does exactly that – we coach you to help you build content and create a network on LinkedIn and Twitter, with regular updates and progress reports back to you.

My son would be an exceptional candidate for any of the top colleges in the nation. But there are so many others with resumes of the same caliber and equally lofty goals.

Social Assurity’s LinkedIn coaching allowed him a space where he was able to showcase his accomplishments in a way the Common Application cannot.

Social media didn’t make him the perfect candidate. That he did on his own. What Social Assurity’s social media coach did was make social media into a tool that worked for him.

I’m so happy to say that in December my son was admitted Early Action to the university of his dreams.

His very first tweet? ‘My grandfather came to this country with 8 dollars in his pocket. Harvard class of 2020.’
— Parent