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Social Assurity LLC

Because Your Future Shouldn't Be Left to Chance

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Social Assurity delivers personalized social media management, counseling, investigative and monitoring services to help parents, teens and college students navigate, enhance and safeguard against the many ways social media activities can impact their lives. We focus on maximizing social media profiles to effectively stand out when colleges and employers take a look.

Since the person you are online now has a real impact on the life you lead everywhere else, knowing how to proactively manage social media to accurately reflect your individual strengths and attributes has become an imperative life skill. 

Social Media Management and Enhancement Services for College Applicants, Graduates and Job Seekers

Let the professionals at Social Assurity help you safeguard your future. 


Social Assurity also offers a wide-range of additional social media consulting, investigative and monitoring services including:

NEW College Student Special: $20 Personalized Social Network Assessment

"Being Socially Smart" social media awareness seminar for parents, teachers and/or students;

Social Media assessments for renters, co-op and home buyers; and

Cyberbullying, cyberstalking, online predator investigations

If our pre-configured services fail to meet your specific needs or budget then contact us and we will  configure a customized plan and service that works for you. 

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