Your Online Life. Elevated.

Social media is a tool for life.

Why not teach kids to use it wisely?


That’s what Social Assurity helps you do.

With engaging practicality, our courses teach students to use social media to establish relevant networks – and build honest reputations that can serve them well the rest of their lives.

We help young people harness social media to curate persuasive portraits that reflect their true character and potential – for tangible advantage in school, college admission, the working world, and a diverse career.



All of my previous notions about social media flew out the window.
— Student

Don’t hide from your past.

Create your future.

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The fact is, colleges and employers simply don’t care if they find pictures of you having fun (or too much fun) on the internet.

But, increasingly, they do care that the claims on your application reflect the realities of who you truly are.

Conveying your true interests and commitments means more than building a boilerplate resumé. And that’s where social media excels, offering a deeper dive into your true self than any shortlist of credits and accomplishments.

I’d been warned to keep personal pages private, to avoid casual judgments of my persona based on years of teenage posting. Now, after Social Assurity, it makes much more sense to use social media to exemplify my goals, values, passions, strengths, and interests, whether personal or professional.
— Student

You use it to socialize with friends. 

Why not inspire the world to socialize with you?


Social Assurity teaches students to enlarge the scope of their social circles – to maximize future opportunity.

While almost everyone uses social media to spread news amongst existing friends, one of its greatest, often untapped, powers is to showcase a student’s potential to colleges, scholarships, employers, internships, and those who share their interests. 

By using social media properly, they may discover that the world is a wider place than they ever imagined. 

After taking the course, I was amazed at the amount of inbound communication I was getting from first-time viewers. A whole network of interesting people who had no prior connection to me were searching for me, based on the information I was able to put into my page
— Student
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